Mathilde B

I love my little painting. I can take in the immensity of the sunset in a tiny frame and still feel the peace and contentment that comes from seeing the real thing. Thanks Amanda!

--Mathilde B (LA Skyline)

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Elle J

The tiny prints are beautiful, just lovely.  I'm so impressed.  I love the quality of the lines and the colors.  Congratulations, what a great series!

--Elle J (September Light, Shelter & LA Skyline)

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Mark D

We received your paintings the other day and they are even more magnificent than we thought they would be.  The detail is amazing and we are thrilled with them.

I hope you have me on your mailing list as I've got a feeling we're going to become collectors.

-- Mark D (San Diego Bay & Desert Dawn)

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Lynn WG

OMG!! I love it!!! I also love the mat and the framing!!

I had no idea it was so small - how on earth do you paint so small??? I can't stop staring at it!!

-- Lynn WG (French Park)

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Kellie S

I was impressed with how professional everything about the transaction has been from the art itself to the label on the back of the picture. In my opinion, you've done everything just right.

-- Kellie S (French Park)

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David W

Size matters! These exquisite small paintings draw you in rather than overwhelm, I awaken with mine in view, a shot of energy and vibrant color to start the day! Wonderful!

-- David W (LA Skyline)

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Anne G

Thank you for another exquisite little gem!

They are both beautiful and look delightful sitting side by side on the piano.

-- Anne G (commissioned two paintings of her garden)

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Danielle D

Amazing artwork! Can't believe you can get such detail into such small pieces of art! 

-- Danielle D (September Light)

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